Hello! Before we dive into details about the job position, I’d like to introduce you into a few things about me and my business.

My name is Amanda Kratzer and I opened AK Rustic Photography about 3 years ago. My intention has always been to add to my team. Up until the end of 2017 I accepted all clientele. I found that my passion is in boudoir and high school seniors so I have catered to driving business towards that niche. However, I do have several inquires, past clients and potential clients coming to AKRP. That’s where you come in.

I am looking for a couple of people who “fit in” with AKRP’s standards. I have great pride in the quality of my clients and treat them like they are the only client I have each time. They get a pre consultation, a full 1-2 hour session and an ordering/reveal session. I have ensured that AKRP’s service is top notch and I’m looking for others who can do the same. 

I am looking for those who have a passion for certain photography, meaning only working with their favorite niche. So if you love family/children photography, newborn/maternity photography, engagement/wedding photography then I’m looking for you. You need to let me know exactly what you are passionate about and why. Hate weddings but love children and families? That’s okay!!

I’m also willing to teach those who are interested and committed to working together long term as a team. You must be out-going and tactful when working with clients. 

Currently this will be a part-time job. When I get clients who are ready to book, then I will send them your way. You will earn a percentage of the session fee and a commission of the ordering/reveal session. Your average income per session will be roughly $250-400 or more per session. You will be responsible for the pre consultation (I’ll walk you through everything and train you). Pre consultations are vital to a successful photo session and the photographer that will be there needs to do it in order for that to be successful. You will then take the photos and turn in your SD card to me. I will cull through and edit the session. Then I will schedule for the ordering/reveal session myself. So essentially you will be responsible for the pre consultation, taking amazing photos at the session and dropping off the SD card given to you. The better your photos, the more the client will want to purchase so you can consider it a “bonus” if they order more than the minimum.

Some seasons are slower and some are busy, photography usually revolves around the weather. You will mainly be working outdoors. 

Last but not least, I will be requiring you to sign a non-compete waiver. This means that 3 years after the last date of employment with AKRP you cannot work with any current or former clients of AKRP. This subject is not to be taken lightly.

If you are still interested, please contact me to set up an interview at the studio in downtown Wilmington. Please be sure to bring your portfolio, camera and anything else you’d take to a  session with you so we can view them together. You are not required to have a degree, but I would love to see you be able to shoot in manual.

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