CM Father - Daughter Dance 2018

It was just a couple of weeks ago when a ton of male role models brought their little ladies out for the father / daughter dance; from dad's to uncles to grandfathers and more right here in Clarksville, Ohio. 

As a momma of 2 girls that were accompanied by their dad and grandpa (poppy as they call him), they had a blast! The Clinton Massie High School Cheerleaders brought this fundraiser together and were amazing throughout the entire dance. One of the cheerleaders gave my daughter her grass skirt and she's worn it nearly everyday since! 

Thank you to the CMHS Cheerteam for allowing this Wilmington, Ohio photographer to come out and capture some cute moments for a one night only dance!

Here are just a few of the photos that were taken at the dance that night. . .  enjoy :) 


Congratulations to the Class of 2018

Can you believe it? You're officially booted out of the local schools and entering a new chapter of your lives. From college to trade school to your new jobs, you are all on the best track to an amazing future.

Thank you for allowing me to be your senior photographer in Wilmington, Ohio. I LOVED working with each of you and cannot wait to follow along to see where you all are in the following years. Congratulations to the class of 2018! 




Being able to pick perfect outfits for a photo shoot could be a little demanding – and confusing. No one wants to experience the troubles that come along with selecting the perfect outfit for a photo-shoot and rightly so. Here are a few helpful tips for picking the best possible wardrobe. They would help you cut down on the time it takes for you to select the best outfits.

Diversity – Mix it up

In order to get it right, do not just focus on picking outfits with a particular style. For senior girls, you could go for one formal dress, another that’s got a casual look (could be one with jean), and one in between like a cotton dress. Senior boys should also apply the same rule. A blazer with slacks or a suit, a casual wear (could be a jean and t-shirt), and something like a button-down would be just fine.

Stick to clothes you already love

Selecting what to wear for a senior photo-shoot could be a big opportunity for seniors to engage in a shopping trip, but this should not be the case. You run the risk of purchasing wear/wears that may be too trendy and may not retain the same appeal to you at the second or third time of your looking at the dress. You would not want to put on something you may wear once and never again. You do not need to be too different from who you normally are – go for an outfit you already own, one you love.

Ensure your Outfit looks Good Despite your Photo position

It is best you put on an outfit that looks good whether you are squatting, sitting, or standing. Since you would normally want a variety of poses for your senior photo-shoot, it would be ideal to avoid any outfit that would limit your posing options. So, if your dress fits well only when you stand or your shorts look good only when you sit, avoid putting them on so your session would be fun-filled.

Natural Colors are Ideal

You would not want to be seen in front of a garden setting in a red outfit! Using natural colors is especially ideal so you avoid looking like you went for a Christmas photo-shoot, and your portrait could look great at just anytime of the year. Therefore, sticking to natural, solid colors such as green, white and blue would be just perfect for any photo-shoot.

The best part about working with AKRP is that we help you tackle these small, yet important decisions with your wardrobe. Our goal is to create an experience to unleash your inner beauty!

"Tween / Teen" Photo Sessions

We are now offering girls ages 10-16 years old the opportunity to feel like royalty for a day! From the time they receive their beauty bag to prepare for their session to the complimentary hair and makeup they will feel so incredibly special and not just because you said so!

Sessions will be 1 hour in length and will begin hair and makeup 45 minutes prior to their session.

These sessions are currently only available on certain dates, so please check your calendar and book now so ensure your daughter has this opportunity.

For more details and dates, just ask us!

tween photo sessions