How to look skinnier in photos

We've all been there starring back at our photos thinking, "dang! I know I'm not that big!". Regardless of if you weigh 115 pounds or 315 pounds, most of us want to look thinner in our photos. I get asked all the time, especially by mothers, "can you photo shop me to look skinny?". The answer... no, I'm not going to do that. I could give you the whole talk about how beautiful you already are, but you're not really going to listen. So let's get into the nitty gritty of how you can look your best in photos.

First, wear clothing that isn't so tight that you can see your rolls or love handles. This automatically makes you look bigger than you already are. When shopping, go out of your comfort zone and try on some pieces that you wouldn't normally wear and see if you feel better in them. I'm also going to tell you to make sure that you are not wearing anything too loose. These clothes will also make you appear much bigger! Put a belt around your waist if that dress is too baggy but you love wearing it. Find a high waisted dress that focuses on the smallest part of your torso. While speaking of clothing, look for designs that flatter your body. 

Now that you have your clothing picked out for your session it's time to think about your shoes. If you are showing off your legs, wear a complimentary pair of heels or wedges, but be careful because they won't all look great! Does it make your calves look larger or smaller? 

Outfit - check! Shoes - check! Time to learn how to pose. Never face the camera straight on... NEVER! Always angle your body away from the camera and practice in the mirror so you don't feel silly the first few times doing this in front of others. Bring your  leg that is closest to the camera up on your toes a little, again practice by yourself first. Next, bring your arm up on your hip to help create a space between your torso and your arm. If you leave it flat against your body, your arm will look bigger.

There you go, now it's time to go take my advice and practice in the mirror. Want some selfie tips? Be sure to check out how to take better selfies on our fb page today!