Toller Family

2 weeks ago I was so excited to work with a good friend of mine and her family. Sarah and I had been communicating on different ideas and even went shopping for Bobby and James to have the perfect outfits for their session. From the second she booked, I could tell she was really excited and so was I!

Even though it was a windy day, it was beautiful outside and the weather did very well cooperating with us (thankfully). From what I hear, Bobby felt comfortable and James said I was super fun which made my day. When I would pose Bobby and Sarah together, James would just look at them and grin so hard I thought it cheeks were going to fall off! You can see the happiness from each one of them and those are the moments I love to capture on film. Now they will have this special moment to remember even when James can’t stand on a stump and still be the same height as mom and dad anymore.