3 important accessories for your DSLR...

If you're like most moms then you gracefully request to get a new camera to take photos of your kids in hopes that the quality automatically will be like the pro's. You take it to the zoo, aquarium, baseball games and dial the camera in auto mode and let it do all of the work. Then you get home and upload the photos to the computer or take it to a local drug store and realize that they don't look anything like what you thought! How frustrating!!! Next week I will have more tips on making your experience with your camera better. Also I'd like you to know that I am offering a "Mom's Gonna Snap!" workshop on May 21st 2017 with another photographer, Anna Stockton. We are going to help you if you are looking for some great "hands-on" training. Click here to learn more (ps... it's going to be a blast!).

While I can't teach you all the ways to swing that dial mode into manual and be a pro with 3 tips, I am going to suggest 3 accessories that'll give you a head start and that are really important and simple to make your life easier when shooting. The first accessory is to invest in a good quality UV filter. The worse feeling is getting a new lens (or even the kit lens) and a branch swinging back into it causing permanent damage through scratches. When looking at your lens you will see a number followed by "mm", this is the UV filter size that you will need. Head over to amazon.com and snag one ASAP!

Next is to carry your lens cloth around with you everywhere! When your lens is dirty, do not use any rough surface that can scratch your lovely lens! The lens cloth is about the cheapest thing you can purchase (sometimes it's included with your camera) but one of the most important to have. If you can't figure out why your photo isn't turning out correctly (foggy, smudgy or just off color) then simply snag that cloth and give it a quick wipe down and it may fix your problem.

The last, but not least accessory to invest in is a good quality camera strap. Now I know it's tempting to use the one that came with your camera, I mean why invest in something you already have, right? Wrong! The camera generally comes with one that is so uncomfortable the you keep taking it off of your neck just to avoid the scratchy pain. However, that sucker needs to be around your neck as a camera's precaution of dropping or bumping it into things. When looking for a great camera strap, look for a thick material that has great reviews by multiple people. I'm looking forward to trying a scarf in the near future! When I recently upgraded my equipment, I forgot to grab an extra strap and now I'm on the hunt for a new one. There are so many to choose from that it may be overwhelming but check out the reviews when possible or stop in at your local camera store to get an idea.

Whew... that wasn't too bad was it? When investing all that money into a DSLR, you don't want to look like a rookie and Anna and I are attempting to show you the way. If you're looking for ways to learn how to use your DSLR then you should come check out our class because I'm not sure when we will have another as our busy season is beginning to take over. 

So... what are you doing to purchase first?