When do 2019 Seniors book their portrait sessions?


You have a HUGE to-do list your senior year... sports, homecoming, prom, graduation, tests, college apps but my favorite - SENIOR PORTRAITS!

While the 2019 seniors are still juniors, it's good to know what you're up against when it comes to picking and scheduling your senior photos.

It's ideal to book your senior portrait session at the mid-end of your junior year. Why so soon? Because good photographers book up quick and your photographer needs to prepare you for your amazing session, hold your session, edit your photos and then bring you back to show them to you. Here at AKRP, we prefer to book seniors as soon as possible because fall books so quickly that we cannot fit everyone into our schedule. We also need you to view your images prior to your senior yearbook due date, here around Wilmington, Ohio, that can be as early as November! Eek! Plus, if your session gets rained out then we have ample amount of time to combine our schedules and still get you in for your session. Did you know that we have a cap on how many seniors we can accept each year?

Currently we are seeking 2019 seniors who want to be apart of our modeling program. Not only do you get tons of perks, you have an experience that you cannot get anywhere else and have fun doing so. The deadline for the model program is at the end of April, so click here to fill out the application or here if you want more info on a senior session.

We'll see ya soon!