The Jones Family

The Jones family couldn’t be any sweeter! Josh, Caroline and Addisen were visiting family for the holidays and we were able to catch up and get their family portraits done just in time for Christmas. Addisen is such a cutie and was so happy during our session. However, we did have a crazy cat encounter but we were able to work through and get some great shots! Anna, Josh’s mother was able to help us keep stay on track throughout the whole process. Here are just a few of the photos they’ve received from their session.

Fletcher Family

Mathew, Kristen and Willow came out on a great day for a session, slightly chilly but still pretty nice. Willow is such a sweet and beautiful little girl whom I had previously worked with in the summer. She just grins from ear to ear and seems so happy all of the time! I truly enjoyed working with this family and hope they enjoyed their session as much as I did.


Shaffer Family

Jamie, Bethany, Sophie & Sawyer were so sweet at their session! It was pretty chilly outside but still nice for being so late in the year. We ran through their session pretty quickly so the kids didn't get too cold and their session turned out great! This session was taken at my favorite exclusive location right here in Wilmington. There were a few dog distractions, but we made it through! Thanks for a great session Jamie and Bethany; you have a very beautiful family!



Toller Family

2 weeks ago I was so excited to work with a good friend of mine and her family. Sarah and I had been communicating on different ideas and even went shopping for Bobby and James to have the perfect outfits for their session. From the second she booked, I could tell she was really excited and so was I!

Even though it was a windy day, it was beautiful outside and the weather did very well cooperating with us (thankfully). From what I hear, Bobby felt comfortable and James said I was super fun which made my day. When I would pose Bobby and Sarah together, James would just look at them and grin so hard I thought it cheeks were going to fall off! You can see the happiness from each one of them and those are the moments I love to capture on film. Now they will have this special moment to remember even when James can’t stand on a stump and still be the same height as mom and dad anymore.


Baby Lawson

I really enjoyed getting to know Jordan, Samantha, Maddux and Lawson! I had shown up to take Lawson's newborn photos at the perfect time because he was just a few days old. Although he had a little upset belly at first, we ended up with some amazing photos! From the basketball hoop outfit to the naked baby photos he was sleeping so well that it was hard for me to end the session. I think I could’ve stayed there all night taking photos of their sweet family. 

Maddux was such a ham and will be making a fantastic brother. These two boys will grow up to love and protect one another and there is one reason I can tell. Maddux was a little reluctant to take photos at first with Lawson, but as soon as Lawson was laying on his lap and begin to cry, guess who was the first one to look to find out the reason why? Maddox! Congratulations to this beautiful family on their new addition!