Corbin's 1st Birthday!

How can you not smile looking at this little cutie’s smash cake session? I am so happy that Lindsay was referred over to my studio. Justin, Lindsay and Corbin were so sweet to work with and their photos turned out amazing. Corbin was such a champ even when he was a little hungry right before his cake. I do believe that he enjoyed it pretty well though, and ended up being one messy boy. Happy first birthday Corbin, I hope you enjoy your next cake just as much as this one!

Toller Family

2 weeks ago I was so excited to work with a good friend of mine and her family. Sarah and I had been communicating on different ideas and even went shopping for Bobby and James to have the perfect outfits for their session. From the second she booked, I could tell she was really excited and so was I!

Even though it was a windy day, it was beautiful outside and the weather did very well cooperating with us (thankfully). From what I hear, Bobby felt comfortable and James said I was super fun which made my day. When I would pose Bobby and Sarah together, James would just look at them and grin so hard I thought it cheeks were going to fall off! You can see the happiness from each one of them and those are the moments I love to capture on film. Now they will have this special moment to remember even when James can’t stand on a stump and still be the same height as mom and dad anymore.


Back to school

As we send our children back to school this week a few things will happen. At first, we will feel like the summer went way too fast and we didn’t do as much as we wanted with our kids. We didn’t get to go to the waterpark, we didn't get to go putt putt, we didn’t get to have as many play dates and sleep overs and the list goes on and on. But what we can remember is the things that we DID do. We did get to laugh and spend time together and those are the things that matter the most. So don’t beat yourself up, they still had a great summer!

Once they’re off to school and we feel a little sad, you will then have that feeling of relief. The relief of them learning something. After all, all the “reading time” and “workbooks” that you planned on doing all summer still have empty pages in them. So at least they’re learning something today!

A few days from now, you will have a clean house and feel a little more relaxed after the routine starts to kick in. Once you feel comfortable with your routine, it’ll be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas break… then it starts all over again!

Comment with your child's first day of school photo!

Note: These are my girls, Emmie & Lillie. My son starts the following day for kindergarten!