Best time for Senior Sessions (pss.... not fall!)

Senior sessions.jpg

It’s Ohio…. if you live near me, it’s good ol’ Wilmington, Ohio where the weather goes from 30 degrees up to 75 degrees back down to 20 degrees and then 85 degrees all in ONE WEEK! Senior portraits revolve around our weather because senior’s want their photos taken outdoors and I love outdoors vs in studio shots because we can travel to uncharted territory for some really epic shots.

The truth is, fall is a great time for senior portraits because the weather is cooling off. However, what most people fail to realize is that from the time a senior hits their feet on the first day of school, they barely have time to fit in other activities. Their schedules are slammed! 

So you think… okay, but one day for the senior shoot is just one day. Well, hopefully but what happens if the weather is bad? About 25% of the time we have to cancel due to rain, crazy wind or even heat (remember, it’s Ohio!). So we book you in for a last minute rain date but sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds when you have a jam packed schedule. We see it all of the time, “I can’t book that day, I have a ….” and the list goes on.

So when do you need to book? Right now, during the spring before the weather gets too hot! Everything is green outside, flowers are blooming and it’s easier to reschedule if we get rained out. SO.MUCH.EASIER!!!

So let’s say you still intend to book for fall, then book your session NOW because all established photographers will be too busy to take last minute clients during September and October. Also, if you need a weekend date such as Saturday or Sunday then keep in mind that we only have 8 Saturdays and 8 Sundays to book for 2 months. That’s 16 seniors tops for the weekends! 

Every year I get phone calls when the kids go back to school and the senior wants a session but the only thing I have left are a couple of November dates, when the trees are beginning to die, it get’s cold outside so you have a red nose and checks and your schedule is loaded with school lists a mile long.

If you play any sport in the fall…. book your session right now! It’s totally worth it, I promise!

Side note: If you are planning to book your senior session with AKRP, then know that we are only accepting 50 seniors this year. As part of that 50, you will get access to the Spokesmodel team at no extra charge to be on the team. We will be doing extra sessions, get togethers and more so be sure to reach out ASAP so you can become an AKRP Spokesmodel too!