6 Fun S'more Variations

With the summer intact, there’s lots of fun activities to do outside. One of our favorite things to do is going down by our creek right here in Wilmington, OH and roasting marshmallows. Everyone grabs a stick and marshmallow to get the marshmallow as burnt as they’d like. I personally like mine burnt to a crisp!

It’s intriguing to watch how people vary on how they cook their marshmallow over the fire. From barely brown to nearly falling off of the stick burnt. 

Now let’s get the nitty gritty, what’s your favorite s’more?

I’ve seen a few variations with s’mores with most being a graham cracker, hershey chocolate car, marshmallow and then another graham cracker to make a sandwich. That’s the way that we do it here, what’s your favorite?

Fun facts:

  • Marshmallows used to be made from a wild plant in the marsh
  • National toasted marshmallow day is Aug. 30th
  • More than 50% of marshmallows are toasted over a fire!

S’more variations:

  • You can add bacon to your s’more (not my jam, but have at it!)
  • Add fresh strawberries and banana’s to your store for a sweeter treat (now we’re talkin’!)
  • Instead of a Hershey bar, use a Reese’s cup
  • Add some Nutella to your s’more
  • Place your s’more ingredients in a waffle cone (omit the graham cracker) and wrap in aluminum foil over the fire so a fun twist
  • Use Girl Scout cookies or Oreos’s instead of graham crackers

Now it's time to go out and try a new recipe, enjoy!