Homecoming Tips & Tricks

Woo Hoo! It’s time for homecoming and you need to prepare girl. So lets talk about some last minute tips that will help you on this big day.

First, make sure that you give yourself at least 2 hours to get ready and another hour for photos. I’d rather be ready much earlier than needed than to be rushing my eyeliner and mascara. Just know that something will come up and you will need more time. It could be your hair isn’t cooperating or you got something on your dress. Just be sure you have enough time.

Now, let’s think about your skin. No matter what your skin type is (dry, oily) you need exfoliate to get that smooth, fresh looking skin prior to applying your makeup. This will leave your concealer and foundation look evenly applied and give you that glow that every girl dreams of! Speaking of concealer and foundation, use a primer. You worked hard to put that makeup on so let’s make sure that it stays on all night. Otherwise, it will begin to wear off before you even get to homecoming!

Next, if you have dry or flaky lips then they need exfoliated too. Look for a home recipe online if you don’t have time to rush out to the store. If you plan on wearing lipstick, choose one that has a stain in it. Other lipsticks will tend to fade very quickly and also get on your (or your dates) clothing. That’s not very easy to get out! So choose a lip stain that is one shade darker than your own lips. Practice using it PRIOR than putting it on right before you head out the door for photos. 

All that hard work and you (or someone else) managed to get something on your dress/outfit? First, DO NOT RUB! Rubbing will only cause it to smear and become more of a problem. Your best bet is to get a tide pen and follow the instructions. If you remember anything, remember to dab, dab, dab!

The most important tip is to have a great night! Don’t feel self conscience because you are beautiful! For more tips, check out our “Celebrating Seniors” fb page here.

“Celebrating Seniors” is also hosting a contest on fb and instagram for a chance to win $25 towards your session on November 5th 2016 right here in Wilmington, Ohio.