What to get Mom for Christmas!

So the time has come and we are in the last days of buying gifts for Christmas. If your mom is anything like mine, she's extremely difficult to buy for. It's not that she's picky but she has everything already! So I've put together a short list of things that she'll love and depending on your budget you can go cheap or overboard! And don't forget to subscribe to our email list here so you can get more Christmas ideas delivered straight to your inbox throughout the remainder of the week.

Does your mom LOVE her coffee? I know I do! In a basket, snatch up a cute / funny mug (or go one step further and get a personalized mug), a nice insulated travel cup (yeti's are "in" right now) and some of her favorite K-cups. Put these items in a cute basket, tissue paper and place it inside of a clear basket bag with a ribbon. It's something that she'll actually use and love!

Is your mom  a book worm? Sometimes us mom's need to skip out of reality and dive right into a book. Is there a new book coming out that she's mentioned? Grab that or a gift card for her to pick out her own book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This can be used for physical or digital books so it's a great option. You can also include a cute or personalized bookmark and a cup mug or cup with some hot chocolate or tea bags. Place it all in a gift basket and some tissue paper for a sweet touch!

Now we talked about the morning coffee, but does your mom love her nightly glass of wine? If so, grab her a bottle of wine, or if you're really putting her through the ringer, a case of wine. Make sure you take note on what she likes though because not all wine is created equally! You can also grab a simple set of wine glasses or order a personalized wine glass and place them in a basket. If you'd like to add a little something extra, wine charms are very cute and useful if she gets together with her friends. Another thought is to include a wine subscription or even a wine rack! This gift really can be anywhere from $10 to hundreds depending on your budget.

When's the last time that mom had professional photos done? There are many different ways you could use this:

Headshots for her business (most moms feel guilty about getting this done). If your mom has a business card, then she needs a headshot. 

Couples photo to hang up in her bedroom and around the house. The truth is that marriage is a sacred bond and us moms would LOVE to get a couples session to show off that off! 

A family session is a fantastic idea if you haven't had photos done in a while. Not only will this be a great option but if your family hasn't had a session in a while then your mom will really appreciate the fact that you noticed and took the time to find a photographer for her.

However, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention a gift certificate to get a family photo done in the spring! AK Rustic Photography offers gift cards in any amount so you can give her a session (sorry, had to throw that in there!).

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