6 Easy Tips on how to choose your senior photographer

How to choose a senior photographer:

It’s that time of year and everyone is reaching out to choose their senior photographer. You must get your photos done before it’s too late or the photographer is booked up. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on what to look for in your photographer.

#1 Look at your photographers portfolio or work. All photographers are different. Some have been in business for 3 months and others for years.Do you love the majority of the photos? Don’t choose one that got lucky and took a good photo a couple of times; good photographers can replicate gorgeous photos time and time again and you want that photographer to be yours. 

#2 Ensure they can offer exactly what you want. AK Rustic here in Wilmington, Ohio offers to customize ALL sessions to the senior. Need a couple indoor studio shots and lots of outdoors? No problem. Want all outdoors at a couple locations? No problem. The list goes on and on but sometimes the photographer doesn’t. We also travel around the area to work with clients in Clermont, Clinton, Warren counties and more.

#3 Meet with your photographer BEFORE your session. Why? Because you need to be on the same page and ensure your photographer knows exactly what you want. You need to discuss how to prepare for your session (tips/tricks that help), all the fine details that make your session fun and perfect. Plus it’s less stressful making the experience amazing. Happy, fun and relaxed shows when you’re taking the photo but so does stressed and frustrated.

#4 This tip is up to you, however, I wanted to mention it to you. Choose a photographer that is legal. Find one that has a proper business set up through the state. Why? Because if they take your money, don’t deliver your photos, treat you badly and such then they can get into trouble. Time and time again I hear of senior kids right here in Wilmington, Ohio talk about how they had someone take their photos and then the person never returns their calls after and they never got their photos back. Don’t be taken advantage of. Choose a photographer that has a business license in the State of Ohio so you’re insured to be in great hands. 

#5 Find out what all your photographer offers. Do they just show up at the scheduled date, take your photos and then send them to you? What happens if you don’t like them, want to see something in black and white, need products and more? AKRP offers a full service studio. You have your pre consult so I can ensure to have you prepared and that I have all gear to make that happen, you even get a magazine with tips/tricks! We have your session that isn’t time limited and then meet 2-4 weeks later to go over your edited images to a beautiful slideshow. It’s how we treat you like a Prince/Princess that makes us the photographer to talk about. There’s no rushing around, it’s simply easy going and fun. Did you know that we also give all of our ladies a hair stylist/makeup artist plus a beauty box to prepare for their session? Oh yeah, we know what these seniors want and go for it!

#5 Don’t wait to book. Photographers in Wilmington, Ohio are already being sought out and booked all the way into late fall, some even into next year. We’re currently booking 2019 and 2020 Seniors now so you can contact us here or check out some of our portfolio here.