What Color Looks Best With My Skin Tone?


Do you seem to have troubles getting around colors that are just right for you?

No doubt, getting the right colors that rightly match one’s skin has never been easy. More especially with differences that exists within the underlying skin tone. Imagine trying on different shades of lipsticks and getting no match for your skin tone or trying on different clothes just to find the perfect match for you and end up picking up a color that makes your skin tired out or less vibrant. 

When it comes to styling, you should never go wrong with colors, because the colors determine your overall outlook!

Well, if you really want to know what colors look best with your skin tone then you need to read this further!

Let's get started - One thing you need to understand about your skin color is this - there’s a surface tone and an underlying tone. This is the major reason why you could have two shades of the same color, yet one might suit your surface tone and totally go wrong with your undertone.

Surface tone

Skin surface tone as the name implies is more of surface color (to a great extent complexion) people would describe yourself as having. 


As the name implies has to do with the underlying color of your skin. Take for instance, you can have same color of skin as a person and different shades

How do you know the right colors for your skin tone?

The color categories you need to bear in mind are the cool colors and warm colors and neutral colors. A good knowledge of the category you fall into erases all the stress of confusion, helps you dress better and look smart.

You are cool if your undertone is pink, red or bluish. 

Warm if your undertone is yellow, peachy, golden 

Lastly, you are Neutral if your undertone is more like a mix of warm and cool undertones e.g if your skin looks grey and ashen. 

Not to worry, you certainly fall under one of these categories

How can you determine your category?

Hair color

For warm tone, hair color usually ranges from dark brown to dark blonde hair. While cool colors usually range from blue black or dark brown to light blonde.

Check out that blood vessel
You can go on and check your veins e.g veins on your wrist are they colored blue or green? Well, if they are bluish, it means you possibly have cool undertones, on the other hand, if they look greenish, then you are probably warm. 


Adorned in gold or silver apparel or jewelry, which looks better on you? This could also be a determinant of your skin tone. It has been proven that people with cool undertones usually look better in silver while the warm-toned look better in gold. 

Natural eye color

These two things can help you figure out the colors that best suits your skin tone. It is known that cool toned individuals usually have blue, gray, or green eyes. While warm toned individauls usually have brown, amber or hazel eyes.

Sun's effect on your skin

How does your skin look after going out on the sun, does it turn golden-brown? Then you fall under the warm category. Do you simply get sun burns and turn pink later on exposure to sunlight? Then you fall under the cool toned category.

Here are some colors that can suit your skintone

Colours for warm tone

Honey, coral, cream, orange, red, golden yellow, amber, warm green, warm blue, olive, reddish purple, deep turquoise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Colors that can suit cool tone 

Bright blue, royal blue, emerald, lavender, ruby, bright rose, gray, navy, sapphire, deep purple.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Colors for neutral tone

For neutral skin tone consider off white, coffee color, mid shade gray, black, jade green, cornsilk yellow and lagoon blue.

Also, remember that we do live around Wilmington, Ohio so these tones can vary depending on the weather. Talk to you soon! - Amanda



Being able to pick perfect outfits for a photo shoot could be a little demanding – and confusing. No one wants to experience the troubles that come along with selecting the perfect outfit for a photo-shoot and rightly so. Here are a few helpful tips for picking the best possible wardrobe. They would help you cut down on the time it takes for you to select the best outfits.

Diversity – Mix it up

In order to get it right, do not just focus on picking outfits with a particular style. For senior girls, you could go for one formal dress, another that’s got a casual look (could be one with jean), and one in between like a cotton dress. Senior boys should also apply the same rule. A blazer with slacks or a suit, a casual wear (could be a jean and t-shirt), and something like a button-down would be just fine.

Stick to clothes you already love

Selecting what to wear for a senior photo-shoot could be a big opportunity for seniors to engage in a shopping trip, but this should not be the case. You run the risk of purchasing wear/wears that may be too trendy and may not retain the same appeal to you at the second or third time of your looking at the dress. You would not want to put on something you may wear once and never again. You do not need to be too different from who you normally are – go for an outfit you already own, one you love.

Ensure your Outfit looks Good Despite your Photo position

It is best you put on an outfit that looks good whether you are squatting, sitting, or standing. Since you would normally want a variety of poses for your senior photo-shoot, it would be ideal to avoid any outfit that would limit your posing options. So, if your dress fits well only when you stand or your shorts look good only when you sit, avoid putting them on so your session would be fun-filled.

Natural Colors are Ideal

You would not want to be seen in front of a garden setting in a red outfit! Using natural colors is especially ideal so you avoid looking like you went for a Christmas photo-shoot, and your portrait could look great at just anytime of the year. Therefore, sticking to natural, solid colors such as green, white and blue would be just perfect for any photo-shoot.

The best part about working with AKRP is that we help you tackle these small, yet important decisions with your wardrobe. Our goal is to create an experience to unleash your inner beauty!

"Tween / Teen" Photo Sessions

We are now offering girls ages 10-16 years old the opportunity to feel like royalty for a day! From the time they receive their beauty bag to prepare for their session to the complimentary hair and makeup they will feel so incredibly special and not just because you said so!

Sessions will be 1 hour in length and will begin hair and makeup 45 minutes prior to their session.

These sessions are currently only available on certain dates, so please check your calendar and book now so ensure your daughter has this opportunity.

For more details and dates, just ask us!

tween photo sessions

Your mulberry trees - what you should know!

Oh my goodness, it’s that time of the year where you start seeing berries everywhere! Although my strawberry plants are done for this month here in Wilmington, Ohio, I can now turn to the wild mulberries along the wood line. But… what do we really know about mulberries other than you can eat them?

They are a great source of vitamin C, iron, vitamin K1, potassium, vitamin E and protein! Not to mention super tasty!

Not only do the lower your cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and reduce your risk of cancer, they have been used in by Chinese herbal medicine to treat diseases like heart disease, diabetes, anemia and arthritis. Mulberry trees are also non toxic to dogs, cats and horses so you can share.

Although this sweet treat does stain your fingers and clothing, it’s definitely a treat that one of our favorites to pick together as a family!

Last day to apply for the Senior Model Program!

It's time! Our senior Models will be chosen this week so we can get started on our year of fun. As your senior photographer, we are going to ensure that each time you look back through this experience that you can't help but smile!

This year we have decided to take the next step into creating an amazing experience for our senior girls.  Here's what you need to know!

What you receive:

  • 1 Stylized shoot
  • 1 Personalized shoot
  • Customized Outfit from a local boutique to keep (ECB)
  • Hair stylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Beauty box
  • Referral incentive program (optional)

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Who doesn't love an extra $50? Last chance to save!

Do you have a DSLR camera or know someone who does and keeps it in "auto" mode? It's really just wasted frustration and money unless you know how to use it the way it's meant to be used by taking it out of auto-mode. Anna Stockton and I are teaming up to teach local's to use their camera through a fun and informative class over at Kidd Coffee in Mason.

What you receive in the class: 

2 hours of knowledge in a relaxed environment

Drinks and light snacks

Workbook to take notes and take home for keepsake

1 hour of practicing what you've learned at Pine Hill Lakes Park

Lots of fun!

This class is $50 off until tomorrow (May 11th) and then the price will be going back up to $199 so hurry and grab a friend to register with you at www.AKRusticPhoto.com . It'd be a perfect way to treat yourself and your mom to something useful for mother's day that she'll truly enjoy!

Talk to you soon,



Camera for mothers day? Give her the tools to use it!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen that Anna Stockton and I are offering a "Mom's Gonna Snap!" workshop on May 21st at Kidd Coffee in Mason, Ohio. It's a way for mom's who have a DSLR camera to learn to use it in something other than "auto" mode. We are going to have a blast at our 2 hour class in Kidd Coffee's private room while learning all of the basics. We know that it can be frustrating when you try to self teach from youtube or books and want make it easier for you. After the class, we will head over to the local park, Pine Hill Lakes Park, to practice the skills so if you have any questions once your camera is in-hand that you have the opportunity to ask us while we are there with you.

Drinks, snacks, a workbook to keep and lots of fun will be provided! We hope you can join us and take advantage of registering by May 11th to get $50 off of this workshop (Just 3 days left!). See more details and register by clicking here. We're so excited!


3 important accessories for your DSLR...

If you're like most moms then you gracefully request to get a new camera to take photos of your kids in hopes that the quality automatically will be like the pro's. You take it to the zoo, aquarium, baseball games and dial the camera in auto mode and let it do all of the work. Then you get home and upload the photos to the computer or take it to a local drug store and realize that they don't look anything like what you thought! How frustrating!!! Next week I will have more tips on making your experience with your camera better. Also I'd like you to know that I am offering a "Mom's Gonna Snap!" workshop on May 21st 2017 with another photographer, Anna Stockton. We are going to help you if you are looking for some great "hands-on" training. Click here to learn more (ps... it's going to be a blast!).

While I can't teach you all the ways to swing that dial mode into manual and be a pro with 3 tips, I am going to suggest 3 accessories that'll give you a head start and that are really important and simple to make your life easier when shooting. The first accessory is to invest in a good quality UV filter. The worse feeling is getting a new lens (or even the kit lens) and a branch swinging back into it causing permanent damage through scratches. When looking at your lens you will see a number followed by "mm", this is the UV filter size that you will need. Head over to amazon.com and snag one ASAP!

Next is to carry your lens cloth around with you everywhere! When your lens is dirty, do not use any rough surface that can scratch your lovely lens! The lens cloth is about the cheapest thing you can purchase (sometimes it's included with your camera) but one of the most important to have. If you can't figure out why your photo isn't turning out correctly (foggy, smudgy or just off color) then simply snag that cloth and give it a quick wipe down and it may fix your problem.

The last, but not least accessory to invest in is a good quality camera strap. Now I know it's tempting to use the one that came with your camera, I mean why invest in something you already have, right? Wrong! The camera generally comes with one that is so uncomfortable the you keep taking it off of your neck just to avoid the scratchy pain. However, that sucker needs to be around your neck as a camera's precaution of dropping or bumping it into things. When looking for a great camera strap, look for a thick material that has great reviews by multiple people. I'm looking forward to trying a scarf in the near future! When I recently upgraded my equipment, I forgot to grab an extra strap and now I'm on the hunt for a new one. There are so many to choose from that it may be overwhelming but check out the reviews when possible or stop in at your local camera store to get an idea.

Whew... that wasn't too bad was it? When investing all that money into a DSLR, you don't want to look like a rookie and Anna and I are attempting to show you the way. If you're looking for ways to learn how to use your DSLR then you should come check out our class because I'm not sure when we will have another as our busy season is beginning to take over. 

So... what are you doing to purchase first?