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Please bring the following contracts with you. You MUST bring them all, no exceptions. If I did not speak with your parent over the phone, then they need to be with you to sign the paperwork in person, no exceptions.

Model release - I will be using your photos for advertising, this allows me to do so.

Release of liability - Self explanatory.

General contract - this is a generalized contract so there will be things such as cancellations, non-refundable session fees and such. You are not being charged a session fee so those parts do not apply to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

** I forgot to add that you should NOT get a fake tan! It makes your skin uneven and so I have to lower the contrast on your skin and make you look even more pale to even your skin tone out.


As I stated before, you are not required to purchase anything at all. You will receive 3 of your favorite images digitally. If you’d like to purchase anything else, then you would receive 50% off of our new 2019 a la carte pricing.