2k19 Spokesmodel Program

Are you ready to be the next AKRP Spokesmodel?

We are looking for 2020 high school seniors, juniors and sophomores in the Wilmington, Ohio and surrounding areas. Not only will you get a ton of sessions, you are also invited to all team group outings!


Sounds a-maz-ing right? 

What’s a group outing? It’s when we come together to have fun and get to know each other. Pretty soon we will all just be a huge group of friends hanging out for game night, the movies, breakfast, community outreach and tons more!

Yes, you read that right! Multiple group sessions! Not only will you be apart of the team, join our team outing and have multiple session… you’ll also get a chance to purchase your images as we go through the year (no need to wait until the end of the year!). Eek, I’m so excited!

Seniors and juniors get additional prom/homcoming sessions +Seniors also get their big individual session done too!


Oh.. and did I mention that you will be featured on future ads? Oh yeah!

Just fill out the form  to enter! Be sure to discuss this with your parents prior to entering. All applications will need to be submitted by May 17th so be sure to fill yours out ASAP!

What happens after you fill out the application? I will check out your social media and ensure that you are a good fit for our AKRP Spokesmodel program. I’m looking for people who can represent AKRP, therefore, no one with foul language, obscene jesters and such will not be accepted.

If you get accepted into the program, you will hear via email about the upcoming Spokesmodel meetings. There will be 3 dates to choose from and you are expected to attend 1 of the 3 available meetings to attend (including at least one parent). At the meeting we will go over all details, including specific team outing dates/times and group session dates/times and pricing. There’s 19 total (you do not need to attend all, but it’s highly encouraged!).

Pricing is being finalized at the moment but you can expect to spend $300-$500 to be apart of the team and all outings/shoots. Prints/products/digitals are available at a discounted rate if purchased in a certain time period. All pricing details will be available at the time of the meeting. After you apply, you will get those meeting dates.

Our team begins meeting at the end of May, sessions start in June! Yay!

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